Sunday, March 4, 2012

Battle Scars

Saturday I pulled my first yoga double header, and boy, am I paying for it now.  My entire body is sore, and I have these gnarly bruises on the backs of my arms from crow pose.  It didn't hurt when I was doing it, so I was surprised when I saw the bruises.

I'm told this is normal. I need a tan, also normal.
Bruises aside, I am loving yoga. Joe is loving yoga. It is awesome to finally have a mutual interest in an athletic pursuit. I did lose a running partner though, and after jogging through my neighborhood whilst being tailed by an oogey creeper in a pickup truck for a good 200 yards, I am really missing him. I might take a note from Lara Croft and make this my new running get up. Notice she's packin' heat? Yeah. Maybe I'll start with mace instead. Those leg holsters look like they might cause chafe.